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Polyfloramin is the trademarked name given to the phytogenic extract used to catalyze "Team Members" in the T. J. Clark Product Line-up.  The "team members" are the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that are carefully selected for their compatibility.  Once assembled using our proprietary formulas and production methods they create what are possibly the worlds finest nutritional packages.

Finally Here!

Finally, after 80 years in the making, our formulations for 'The Life Source Packages are finally ready.  It has taken 80 years to identify the elemental arrangements we sought and modern technology to make these formulations in large enough quantities to make them commercially available.  These are The Life Source Packages. They work in complete balance with Nature and draw their strength from her incredibly complex systems.  They are designed to provide everything you need for a healthy, robust life.  


T. J. Clark Life Sourse PackagesThe Life Source Packages for Life are the culmination of 80 years of intense research of  Nature's arrangements of the elements  preserved from the very beginnings of complex life more than 100 million years ago.  Everything that life is or can be is determined by the arrangements of at least 59 of Nature's 94 natural elements. Arranging and combining the right elements in the right way has been the focused goal of T. J. Clark & Company for many years. "The Packages for Life" are the realization of that goal.


These Life Source Packages represent the "Building Blocks" that are the missing or diminished components of the food that we eat.

We have identified the "missing components" of our food supply.  We have made them available in comprehensive packages. Once you choose the package that is right for you, you can choose the foods that you like to provide your "fuel".  With your body in balance you will instinctively make the right choices for your personal diet.

Nature made us that way!